981 H STREET, ROOM 100







REGULAR MEETING                                                                    10:00 AM


The Board of Supervisors of the County of Del Norte and the governing body of all other special assessment and taxing districts, for which said Board so acts, is now meeting in regular session.  Only those items that indicate a specific time will be heard at the assigned time.  All other items may be taken out of sequence to accommodate the public and staff availability.  Items followed with a ** indicate material attached in the agenda packet.

A closed session may be held at some time during the meeting to discuss litigation and/or personnel matters.  There is a 90-day statute of limitations relating to decisions rendered after a public hearing of the Board of Supervisors and a 60-day statute of limitations relating to ministerial actions of the Board of Supervisors.  NOTE:  If you challenge the decision of the Board of Supervisors in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in the notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Board of Supervisors at, or prior to, the public hearing.  (Govt. Code § 65009).  When providing written correspondence to the Board of Supervisors you must provide a copy to the Clerk of the Board for inclusion in the official record.


Public Comment on Closed Session items only.

Hold a closed session to consider and discuss litigation and personnel matters: Conference with Legal Counsel- Existing litigation pursuant to Government Code 54956.9(d)(1) Conservatorship of P.W.  CVSM 2019-4005; Sassman v. DCSS 2:19-cv-00443-MCE-KJCN 1) significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Govt’ Code 54956.9(d)(2)-two 2) Initiation of litigation Conference with Legal Counsel pursuant to Govt’ Code 54956.9(d)(4) – two; Pursuant to 54957(b)(1) Conference with Labor Negotiators pursuant to Government Code 54957.6 between County Negotiator: Jay Sarina, CAO and Employee Organization: SEIU; Public Employee Evaluation: Child Support Services Director Public Employee Evaluation: Director of Health and Human Services.



10:00 A.M. Call the meeting to order and take roll.

·        Moment of Reflection

·        The Pledge of Allegiance to be led by Gerry Hemmingsen, District 4 Supervisor.

·        Introduction of new employees to the Board of Supervisors

·        Report of any actions from closed session by County Counsel.

·        The Chair requests any deletions, corrections or additions from Board members to the agenda at this time. In order to add an item to the agenda, the matter must have come to the attention of the County subsequent to the posting of the agenda and the matter requires action before the next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

·        Receive other brief reports or announcements relative to the County of Del Norte programs and projects, progress of the two by two committees, goal committees and/or Board and staff travel/training reports.

Action: Supervisor Gitlin: Attended the Blue Creek celebration, attended a meeting with Senior Management and the Director of CDD regarding shoplifting and other issues at the local Wal Mart, participated in a KFUG Radio interview regarding homelessness and also attended the RCTA meeting.

Supervisor Cowan: Attended a meeting with Tamara Leighton and Daphne from Our Daily Bread Ministries regarding homelessness, attended a meeting with Mayor Inscore regarding homelessness, attended the Visitors Bureau meeting, attended the Juvenile Justice meeting, and participated in a conference call with Tedd Ward regarding the possibility of a North Transfer Station and also discussed the Agenda with the CAO.

Supervisor Howard: Attended the 100 Year Anniversary Celebration of Rumiano Cheese, attended the RCD meeting, attended multiple meetings with Matt Brady regarding accidents on Hwy 101 and 199, attended the First 5 meeting, attended the Blue Creek celebration, attended a meeting with Tedd Ward regarding possible locations for the North Transfer Station, spoke with constituents regarding Wonderstump concerns, attended a meeting with the Director of CDD and County Counsel regarding holes in the Retail Cannabis Ordinance, participated in discussions with NBC regarding their upcoming visit to Del Norte County for the Sister City relationship story to premier in the 2020 Olympics and also attended the LTCO meeting regarding the CTC Townhall.

Supervisor Hemmingsen: Attended the RCRC meeting, attended a meeting regarding boat ramp improvements and access points, participated in Dungeness Crab conference call, participated in Agenda review, attended the Smith River Collaborative  meeting, attended the NORTEC meeting, attended RC&D meeting and also dealt with constituent calls regarding the Railroad extension and Wonderstump concerns. 

Supervisor Berkowitz: Attended the RCTA  meeting.



Comments from members of the public may be heard at this time regarding matters on the Consent Agenda only.

1.    Approve and adopt Minutes from the August 13, 2019 Board of Supervisors meeting.**

2.    Approve and adopt a Proclamation proclaiming the month of September 2019 as Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month as requested by the Zero Attempts organizer Gordon Clay.**

3.    Approve and adopt the Agreement for Employee Benefits Brokerage Services between Alliant Insurance Services and the County of Del Norte for the period of August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020 in the amount of $40,000 (Forty Thousand Dollars), as requested by County Administrative Officer.**

4.    Approve and authorize the Chair to sign the renewal agreement with Coastal Inn and Suites, LLC for temporary shelter/housing from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, not to exceed $302,500, as requested by Director of Health and Human Services.**

5.    Approve the Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Resource Development Associates, Inc. extending the term expiration from April 30, 2019 to December 31, 2019, and authorize the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Heather Snow, to sign the agreement, as requested by the Director of Health and Human Services.**

6.    Approve and authorize the Chair to sign the First Amendment to the California Local Oral Health Plan with the California Department of Public Health from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020 not to exceed $740,145 and provide a Board Order Certifying the Board of Supervisors' approval of the contract, as requested by Director of Health and Human Services.**

7.    Approve the Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services to apply for the continuation of the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) grant and authorize the Director, Heather Snow, to sign the contract and any associated or required documents as they relate to the Contract and provide a Board Order certifying the Board of Supervisors' approval of the contract and authorization for the Director of Health and Human Services to sign documents as required, as requested by Director of Health and Human Services.**

8.    Approve and authorize the Chair to sign the Agreement with Pasquale Romano for Certified Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Services from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, not to exceed $30,000 as requested by Director of Health and Human Services.**


9.    10:25 A.M. COMMENT PERIOD:  Members of the public may address the Board on matters which are within the jurisdiction of the Board.  If you are addressing the Board regarding a matter listed on the agenda, you may be asked to hold your comments until the Board takes up that matter.  Please limit your comments to three minutes or less.

10. 10:35 A.M. Smith River National Recreation Area Forest Service Update (Jeff Marszal, District Ranger)

11. 10:45 A.M. Hope Village Presentation (Matthew Vorderstrasse, Rogue Retreat Development Director)




12. Approve the Title III funding application as submitted by the Planning Division requesting $15,000 per year for five years ($75,000) to supplement the Planning Division Budget for natural resource planning services provided by County Staff, as requested by Director of Community Development.**

13. 1) Review and discuss the Findings and Recommendations in the Draft 2018/2019 final Grand Jury Report applicable to Del Norte County and give direction to staff; and 2) approve the response, with any Board approved amendments, and direct the final document be forwarded to the presiding Judge of the Superior Court, as requested by the County Administrative Officer.**

14. Approve and adopt a Resolution Amending the Policies and Procedures for Providing General Relief to Indigent Persons in Del Norte County, as requested by Director Health & Human Services and County Counsel.**



15. Approve and adopt Budget Transfer #06-46 in the amount of $208,641 within the FY 18/19 Probation Department AB 109 budget for year-end reconciliation, as requested by the Chief Probation Officer.**


Consider miscellaneous legislative and budget matters pertinent to the County of Del Norte.  Authorize the Chair to sign and send appropriate letters with respect to matters pending before the state or federal governments.

ADJOURNMENT (Next meeting is September 10, 2019)


Kylie Heriford, Clerk of the Board

County of Del Norte, State of California              Date Posted:   September 6, 2019